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the chef
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in the chef's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
8:27 pm
it comes
Late night at Lil' Chef comes to things like this:


Oh yes....enjoy. I know Sarah, Landen, Colin, and Rosh will.

Current Mood: creative
3:13 am
More Crap Then You Can Shake A Stick At!!!!
What a good day!!! Back-track to yesterday... I applied at Costco... They've been interviewing for weeks now and they interviewed a total roughly 5,000 people!!! Out of those 5-thou... 500 would be called back for a second interview!! And yesterday I got called back! So back to today... First off, I had my second interview and it went smoothly!!! Then I relaxed a bit around the house... then me and Chris went to Howell Fitness Center and worked our asses off... It felt good!! Then to his house for a bite to eat!! After sitting around for a bit we headed out to chef!!! Thats when this day rocked!!!! Me, Paul, Landen, Chris, and Sarha.... And Haikus!!! 5 - 7 - 5

To the L chef crew
The crew not there, you missed out
Fucked up shit went down

Haikus in my brain
Damn syllables wont get out
I'm going insane

Now I will get to update on this community... FINALLY!!!
So get a load of these... and this isnt EVEN the half of it!!!!!

I heart fat bitches
They make me eat cottage cheese
I poop way too much

Hairy french women
Cheese fondue makes for good lube
Make a gay play date

Tickle me fat man
Happy days, me and the Fonz
Poopy Bo-jengles

Time goes by so fast
When talks of gays, I arise
I fucked a gay guy

Good times with good friends
We talk of utter nonsense
Fun times had by all

Hot action figures
Hey kid, I'm a computer
Large possible men

Ba-donk-a-donk butt
Skull Fucking a big man clown
Show yourself to me

I tore myself, ouch
Gapping holes can constipate
I have a large butt

Hot carl action
I shat on your big nipples
Don't make me waste poop

We should play doctor
Take two hot beef injections
Vagina and ass

My pubes really itch
Crabs on my balls, I shampooed
They consume my nuts

Dropping the big deuce
I flushed but it left a stain
The toilet is red

And theres much much more where those came from!!! But now my mind only thinks in Haikus.... Ahhhhhhhhh! But damn it that was so much fun!!

Current Mood: Somethings Wrong With Us
Friday, October 8th, 2004
11:35 am
I'm le tired
So yea, work last night. good times. I have just become so comfortable working there, it's weird. I used to dred half of the coffee bunch that came in there...no chris not you or anyone you know...except ronnie..evil wench. anyways but now i rather enjoy the people who come in after ten o' clock. like the other night for instance, my whole section was stoned. yep, all them with red eyes, and a desperate need for coffee. It was funny cuz one guy actually said to me "umm excuse me, do you have any visine? my parents are gonna kill me if i come home like this" hahaha. he didn't think i knew at first and i reminded him to look around at the location in which he was sitting, and proceeded to tell him, do you think that working in a place like this that i wouldnt' be able to notice...come on man. Anyways i got some funny little vids at there urls, check em out, they are pretty funny. Chef fo eva.


Current Mood: amused
2:46 am
i went to chef tonight...it was fun...yay

Current Mood: blank
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
2:41 pm
a lil too much coffee
Too much coffee and no sleep brings me to this.

Current Mood: chipper
2:43 am
This community ROCKS!!!!
Yeh, 2nite was pretty messed up at the Chef. I joined Klenk, Paul, Adam, and Brittney up there right after I got out of work (which was HORRIBLE BTW) It stared out ok but as the night progressed, so did our weirdness. At one point we started sticking straws in Paul's hair cuz he used wax in it today. Then Klenk started his "drinking coffee out of a glass" thing while it still had ice water in it. yum yum... Of course Klenk then decided to become Uber Geek again and whipped out his phone to show everyone my tattoo that I'm gettting on my back. I tried the coffe in a glass thing at one point too (without the water though) and mixed it up to where it actually tasted like a Frappaccino. hmm, interesting. Thats basically it for the night. We all decided that we need to get out of there before we got really nutts and left. OH YEAH! So, basically, it was just a normal night at The Chef. Fun stuff!

Current Mood: calm
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
12:48 am
WOW, it works!
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