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I'm le tired

So yea, work last night. good times. I have just become so comfortable working there, it's weird. I used to dred half of the coffee bunch that came in chris not you or anyone you know...except ronnie..evil wench. anyways but now i rather enjoy the people who come in after ten o' clock. like the other night for instance, my whole section was stoned. yep, all them with red eyes, and a desperate need for coffee. It was funny cuz one guy actually said to me "umm excuse me, do you have any visine? my parents are gonna kill me if i come home like this" hahaha. he didn't think i knew at first and i reminded him to look around at the location in which he was sitting, and proceeded to tell him, do you think that working in a place like this that i wouldnt' be able to notice...come on man. Anyways i got some funny little vids at there urls, check em out, they are pretty funny. Chef fo eva.
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we love you....give s free food