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This community ROCKS!!!!

Yeh, 2nite was pretty messed up at the Chef. I joined Klenk, Paul, Adam, and Brittney up there right after I got out of work (which was HORRIBLE BTW) It stared out ok but as the night progressed, so did our weirdness. At one point we started sticking straws in Paul's hair cuz he used wax in it today. Then Klenk started his "drinking coffee out of a glass" thing while it still had ice water in it. yum yum... Of course Klenk then decided to become Uber Geek again and whipped out his phone to show everyone my tattoo that I'm gettting on my back. I tried the coffe in a glass thing at one point too (without the water though) and mixed it up to where it actually tasted like a Frappaccino. hmm, interesting. Thats basically it for the night. We all decided that we need to get out of there before we got really nutts and left. OH YEAH! So, basically, it was just a normal night at The Chef. Fun stuff!
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