the chef

you just havin' coffee?

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i am the city of brighton after 9 pm. open 24/7, with coffee and some interesting conversations. i like to think of myself as the embodiment of philanthropy-- with a twist of scandal and tackiness. tell me about your life, tell me about your day. but pay the minimum, know the owners, or get the hell out.
best friends, bitches, cigarettes, cleaning tables, closing the salad bar, college kids, drugs, drunkards, fights, get the hell out's, gossip, half & half, hashbrowns, hookers, hugs, incriminating photographs, john, junkies, kisses, lucky number 9, meijer parking lot hooligans, midnights, old ladies, placemats, punks, rainbow sherbert, rock 'n' roll, rotating sections, scott, sex, sugar tumblers, talking coffee pots, the brizzat, thugs, titan's games, travellers, waitresses with sass, windexy coffee, worst enemies, yelling, your mother